1. Event details:

Dates: 9th-10th January, 2021 (24 hour hackathon)

Time: 10am IST 9th Jan - 4pm IST 10th Jan

Submission Deadline: 12:30pm IST 10th January 2021

Announcement of Winners: 4pm-8pm IST 10th January, 2021

2. Eligibility:

Participants must be registered members of Aspire For Her

Partcipants must be Females above the age of 17 years

No restriction based on geographic location

Participants can:

1) Take part individually, or

2) Take part as a pre-set team with a team size of 3 or less or

3) Choose to be randomly allocated into a team as decided by the organizers

by indicating their choice on the registration form. 

3. Submission Requirements:

Participants must choose one of the two themes as given below:

     1. Create an application to promote Aspire For Her's outreach and member acquisition.

     2. Create an application that serves as a forum for the interaction among the members and             supporters of Aspire For Her.

Once a theme is selected build a web application, mobile application or an extensive pitch deck to present your idea and project. Note: Web and mobile applications will be judged separately as compared to pitch decks (no-coding projects) . A video demonstration explaining your pitch (for non coding based) or a walkthrough of your project (for coding based) must be included in your submission.

4. Submission Rights and Display:

Aspire For Her reserves the right to use pictures, videos and voice recordings taken during the hackathon. Submissions by the participants maybe used by the organizations. Participants personal details taken during registration and during the hackathon maybe used by the organziation.

5. Prize and Winner Selection:

There will be two categories of prizes: For code based and non-code based submissions. Decisions made by the judges will be final. 

6. Code of conduct:

Participants must follow the MLH Code of Conduct 

The organizers reserve the right to change the above rules at any time.